The Guild for Spiritual Guidance



The Guild for Spiritual Guidance is a contemplative organization providing a two-year certificate program designed to prepare its members for a ministry of spiritual guidance within the diverse contexts of contemporary life.

The Guild asks of its apprentices a readiness to deepen and reflect on their own spiritual journeys in an interfaith community. The focus is on transformation with attention to the workings of Spirit in our lives as we seek to develop a deeper awareness of our calling and of God’s presence in all dimensions of life.

The Guild’s Apprenticeship Program is rooted in an integral and contemplative curriculum centered on the Mystical tradition, Jungian depth psychology, and the evolutionary cosmology of Teilhard de Chardin, within the experience of authentic community. There are sessions in meditation, the arts, body awareness, contemplative listening, ecology, feminism and global perspectives in spirituality. Insights and practices drawn from all of these experiences emphasize skills development in spiritual guidance.

The Apprenticeship Program begins with a three-day orientation retreat and meets monthly (except for July and August) for a twenty-four hour session from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon over the two-year period. Each monthly session includes a presentation on one of the core areas of the curriculum and practicums in the discipline of Spiritual Guidance. Sessions also include experiential and somatic expression, communal silence, formal and informal sharing and processing, all of which deepen an emerging sense of community.

The  Apprenticeship Program nourishes the individual through these four elements which we call  the four strands:

  • COMMUNITY:  Creating a safe communal environment where each person is seen and heard without judgment, inviting  each person’s voice to                                emerge within the ongoing life of the Guild Community.   
  • MYSTICS:         Exploring the mystics, by honoring the Judeo-Christian tradition, and reaching toward an understanding of worldwide                                                mystical traditions.
  • C.G. JUNG:       Developing personal awareness through Jungian depth psychology and relating it to human self-knowledge and expression.
  • TEILHARD:      Expanding our understanding of humanity’s place in the cosmos through exploring the evolutionary vision of Teilhard de Chardin.

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Photo by Sandra Hernandez, Guild XV