The Guild for Spiritual Guidance


Cosmic Awakening
written by Graduate Members, Fall, 2015.

I am
I am; we are
I am present.
I am peace and love.
I am radiantly emerging and eternally present.
I am a pondering of the fullness of relationality.
I am the essence of passion.
I am the breath of quantum entanglement.
I am in the moment
I am the moment
I am moving…but where…I am not sure.
I am journeying through space – loving kindness –
within and without.
I am not afraid – the grain of sand eaten by the clam
becomes a pearl of great price…
Ain’t that nice?  Say it thrice!
I am willing.
I am unstuck.
I am resolute.
I am a piece of the whole.
I am balance.
I am alive with love.
I am porous, finite, infinite, love.
I am the sea, fluid, all-loving, wavy, calm, stormy, serene
I am one who cares for creation and invites others
into relationship with creation.
I am full of contradictions – light and dark.
I am stardust, mountain, rock, gift.
I am a stone from the river of life.
I am changing. 
I am the originating spark of the Divine, and a part of its
evolutionary trajectory, through all time, space
and transformation.