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The Guild for Spiritual Guidance

Graduate Program

The Guild for Spiritual Guidance currently supports two programs: the Apprentice Program (see link) and the Graduate Program. All who complete the two year Apprentice process are welcomed into the Graduate Program. An old term with roots in Medieval England, a Guild was a fellowship of people who came together for mutual aid, the on-going pursuit of a common goal, and to be of service to each other and the community. Though the word is not much in use today, the founders of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance envisioned and anticipated that those who intentionally engaged the Spiritual Journey in the Apprentice program, would desire to continue to journey with others in the ongoing pursuit of learning to live with deeper spiritual intent and greater consciousness. Therefore, the Guild founders designed the graduate program to include bi-yearly gatherings so that we might support one another, grow together, and be of service to others.

The Graduate Program currently offers two events each year for the purpose of coming together to share with each other through conversation and silence. Each program focuses on deepening our understanding of the spiritual life as engaged through one of the four strands introduced during the apprentice program: depth psychology, evolutionary cosmology, mysticism, and community.

For those who have been called to an intentional ministry of offering Spiritual Direction to others, there is an opportunity to engage that conversation with others during the retreat time, and to seek supervision through collaborative programs.

The Graduate Program also maintains a Prayer Team that provides on-going prayer support for all who are in need, and encourages and supports small regional gatherings of Guild members who desire to come together for the purpose of on-going support.

Cari Keith, BSN, M.Div, is the Program Coordinator of the Graduate Program at The Guild for Spiritual Guidance, she is a registered nurse, ordained pastor, and practicing spiritual director. She has served hospitals in the field of ICU and psychiatry, as well as Protestant congregations in NJ and NY. On-going interests include a passionate desire to create church spaces that are truly open to all, and work at Hartford Seminary in the fields of Interfaith ministry and conflict resolution. With her husband John, an environmental engineer specializing in the field of toxic contamination remediation in the third world, Cari lives in the Hudson Valley of NY. Together they share a passion for family time.