The Guild for Spiritual Guidance



Characteristics of Guild Members

Since 1978 over 400 people have called themselves members of The Guild for Spiritual Guidance.  Members range in age from 25 to 80, but most are in their forties or fifties.  They come from 25 states and Canada, though the majority are from the Northeast.  Their occupations are varied: counselors, lawyers, physicians, teachers, homemakers, management consultants, clergy, computer experts, engineers, musicians, liturgists, and artists.


Guild members have a searching spirit and a deep spiritual hunger.  Conscious of being on a spiritual journey and growing in a personal awareness of God’s presence in and among us unites the group.

Guild members have a willingness to learn among a group from different religious backgrounds and convictions and continue to grow in their ability to listen within this context.        

Guild members assimilate their learning by becoming professional Spiritual Directors or taking the skills of deep listening and compassion back into their jobs and family life. 

The Face of a Guild Member is that of Wisdom, Creativity, and Joy!!