The Guild for Spiritual Guidance


Here is what our members said about the Guild

"I look forward to authentic sharing and openness-the space for thoughts to evolve and experiential use of the senses."

"Worship is richly integral – love the variety, music, silence and praying with one another."


"Connecting and sharing are especially important to me."


"Interfaith exchange and deep listening are essential to my spirit .  I am deeply nourished by these encounters.

The Guild gives me support/guidance for my spiritual journey.  I love to be stretched spiritually.

I love the Greater Guild retreat.  It provides much needed break with people with like-minded people who I can share with on a deeper level than in my usual life." 

"The whole weekend flowed.  There was lecture, silence and much space to see people or be alone.

When we create the worship service each group brings their own flavor to worship.  The mandela work helped me digest and integrate the various aspects of the retreat experience." 

"Through silence, there was space to go deeper myself and in the quads."