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Apprenticeship Program Description

Apprenticeship Program XX

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Begins Sept 9, 2017

The Guild is a non-profit, contemplative community that provides a two-year certificate program designed to prepare its members to listen and respond to their inner teachings, to the evolving universe, and to their vocation in relationship with Divine Mystery. The foundational narrative for our Apprenticeship Program is the mystical and continuing evolution of the universe story, human consciousness and our interconnected role in this journey.

How do we Listen to Spirit’s Call & Respond? 

Through Sacred Listening and Sacred Response we recognize our responsibility to the interdependent web of all life. How do we bring contemplative/spiritual change to our world through our sacred response?  When we listen into our future, in what ways are we being called to sacred activism?

The Guild asks of its apprentices a readiness to encounter their relationships with Self, through all life, and through Divine Mystery. An integrative understanding of these relationships led our original founders to develop the Apprenticeship Program through “four strands” of wisdom. This is the Guild for Spiritual Guidance’s part of the Universe Story.

Spiritual Listening. Sacred Response

What are the Four Strands? 

Through four strands of wisdom, the Guild assists you to explore your relationship with Divine Mystery, seeking guidance from ancient and modern Mystics in our Sacred Love/Life Strand; we deepen our understanding of Self through Carl Jung’s work and the Sacred Consciousness/Integration Strand; we open to the evolutionary cosmology of Teilhard’s vision and beyond through the Sacred Earth/Universe Strand; and acknowledge the interconnections and interdependence within a Circle of Trust in our Sacred Community/Interbeing Strand.

The Program Design? 

The Apprenticeship Program begins with an in-person three-day retreat on the beautiful pastoral and contemplative grounds of Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT and culminates with an in-person three-day graduation retreat at the close of the two-year program. There are three additional in-person twenty-four hour sessions and fifteen virtual day-long gatherings. Each monthly session includes a teaching in one of our Strands, deepening relationship to self and others in our community as well as learnings and practices of listening, presence, discernment and exploration of areas of potential practicum opportunities.

During the program, apprentices are expected to fully participate in all monthly gatherings and assignments, complete experiential components in-between monthly sessions, write a reflection paper at the end of year one and complete a practicum project at the end of the program. Each apprentice must enter a personal program of spiritual guidance with a qualified guide and in year-two select a mentor from the Graduate Guild to guide their practicum.

Apprentices receive a Certificate upon completion of the two-year program and are eligible to make arrangements with the Graduate Theological Foundation for credit toward a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling.

The Cost? 

$4950, inclusive of the full two-year program, retreats, staff, room and board. Participants are separately responsible for their learning materials.

Contact Dianne Disston

Program Coordinator

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