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Spiritual But Not Religious

In the 21st Century spirituality is realizing a new meaning. It estranges itself from mainstream religion to grasp the profound completeness and sacredness of the Self and inner reality. Meaning in the new spirituality is intrinsic and not dependent on external validations from gods, superhumans and culture. It is a path trod in courage and the daring to transcend one's family upbringing, culture in other to
find one's true self. It is a daring to liberate oneself and locate one's true identity throwing off the suppressive weight of imposed laws and rules that crush one's humanity, truncate potentiality and self expression to live a superficial and inauthentic life that will eventually lead to neurosis or psychosis. True spirituality is liberating and expansive. It overflows with peak experiences. It is where right doing is not based on fear of punishment or want of reward but based on self knowledge, and love for humanity and knowledge of the laws of life. It is living life as it is now to the best of one's ability not expecting that things will be better when living in a golden house after death. It is fully stretching your psychological and spiritual growth to the best of your ability while on this earth and realising fulfilment and flourishing in the here and now. It is accepting the truism that suffering and misfortune is an aspect of reality that is indifferent to your religion, level of spiritual growth, status, gender, wealth or whether you are "good" or "bad". True spirituality
is maturity. True spirituality is love and disciplined love for that matter. It is the height of human aspiration and everything outside it is a shadow or caricature.
Thomas Lombardo, Ph.D  from the website 
 Wisdom and the Future
The Center for Future Consciousness
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