The Guild for Spiritual Guidance


The Guild Member Testimonial Corner

"I initially joined Guild XVIII on the advice of my spiritual counselor. The spiritual, psychological, and mystical core strands seemed to fit what I was seeking in terms of growth and knowledge. I came into the group initially cautious and a bit overwhelmed by the life experiences of the other members but quickly acclimated and became appreciative of the depth of prayer and meditation I participated in, the exposure to other religious traditions, and the open-mindedness and creativity present in the group. The ultimate and joyful result was the sense of community that grew out of the voyage of our two years together as we learned about one another, how the subject matter presented resonated with each individual, how each individual inspired the group and the sharing in each others hopes for the future."

-Stephen Esposito

Rev. Peggy Clarke

MinisterFirst Unitarian Society, Hastings on Hudson, NY

Co-FounderInterGenerate writes......

The Guild might be exactly what spiritual people today have been seeking. Outside of traditional religious boundaries, this program is far more than an introduction; it’s a way to sink deeply into the spiritual life. Using prophets and mystics as our guides, the Guild provides a way to reorient ourselves to a life more meaningful, a life more awake.

Peggy Clarke – UU minister – Mystics Cultivator