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Member Testimonials

Within the program, I have had the privilege to teach creative movement as a means to explore embodiment as a sacred vehicle for transformation. No matter the age, energy or ability, each of the participants wholeheartedly begins to feel their way into their own body and into relation with others--and as they do so, they are
integrating ideas into visceral experiences. There is something so magical, so powerful that takes place when a group is collectively open to learn and feels safe with one another.  Blessings ~ Catherine

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“I first heard about the Guild for Spiritual Guidance from a graduate guild member and camping friend Holly Moore. Holly later became the Assistant to the Coordinator of the apprentice program. I have been on a spiritual journey for a number of years, and sometimes an event or situation occurs that propels you forward on your path. Joining Guild 18 was one of those moments. I have felt deeply moved by what I learned from the program and fellow guild apprentices. I have also stayed in touch with the greater graduate guild and feel connected to members over times past. I have been able to use what I learned to subsequently guide and companion individuals on their journeys, as well as complete my first clinical pastoral education (CPE) program unit. The knowledge I gained from the Guild helped me through that journey as chaplain, but from the feedback I received was also beneficial to my fellow program chaplains. If you know you are on a spiritual journey, but not sure where that path is leading, I feel the Guild for Spiritual Guidance apprentice program is as necessary a stop as is the CPE program for future chaplains and ministers.” 

Peace and Love, Paul Carbone


Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC